Wardrobe Statistics, 2022

We take clothes for granted. They are a part of everyday life, a status symbol, an element of self-expression. 
They give us confidence, raise bias, inspire imagination.
The way we consume clothes today has created a big problem for our planet. Their production requires scarce recourses, they often are a result of un-ethical work conditions and inhumane treatment, they create tons of waste that pollutes our environment...
With this infographic I want to inspire everyone to reflect on their own consumption and use of clothes. How much do you have, what do you need, what could you look out for at your next purchase? 

In a digital world hand-drawn visualization stands out. It has an organic, empathetic & unique look and feel. 

Tell your story and make your content approachable and memorable with hand-drawn visualizations!

Visualizations for the EU Business-Biodiversity Platform, 2023

Infographic about the natural orchard. Original 2019, updated 2022 (German language only)

This infographic illustrates facts and figures about a natural orchard in Germany: types of fruit trees & produce, biodiversity, harvest statistics, certifications, work activities and challenges / threats. 
It was created as a visual add-on of a verbal presentation & orchard walk during team offsite events at the site.

Sometimes we need provocative messages to support a good cause.

This mixed-media art poster was designed to question contemporary (anti)-design items that completely disrespect our world's problems around climate change, scarcity of space, resources, energy and that go against the grain of design concerning humanity, pragmatism and function.

At idc-studio we believe that design needs to be responsible, caring and future-proof.

Portfolio Booklet Extract. Created in 2018; regularly updated

The Portfolio Booklet was designed to present Anna-Lena's business but also personality. It was also created as a provocation for the contracting market and it's boring standard CV's and as a test: can one differentiate the own business with a visual CV or is it not worth the effort?
All graphics were designed to tell a piece of the solopreneur's story: 
A spider web graphic to indicate the capabilities and categories that are associated with the individual services.
A matrix that matches the service offerings with relevant skills - not only showing the level of experience but also the level of interest to further develop and regularly apply these skills.
A mountain graphic where the height and inclination of the mountains indicate the perceived effort of overcoming certain private and business challenges.
A multi-dimensional matrix about the variety of books read (therefore indicating interests & personality); working with the graphs to indicate fun factor & reading goal, as well as with color (language of book) and size of dot (level of insight).  
Visit the design-create-innovate website to download the full portfolio

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