Visual story of achievements - effort illustrated by mountain height and gradient

Illustration for a client's persona and customer journey

Visual expression & storytelling isn't only part of idc-studio's DNA - it's part of our human DNA & culture in general. Humans have been describing their view of the world with images and telling stories for hundreds of thousands of years. 
We are very good at processing and memorizing visual information. We enjoy telling stories, they trigger our emotions and inspiration, they help us connect socially. 
Connecting visualization & storytelling is an impactful way to create messages that attract attention, establish a connection with the audience, therefore are well memorized and trigger action. 
At idc-studio we believe that these impact factors of visual storytelling are particularly relevant to explain complex ideas, intangible concepts, and generally aspects that lack awareness. 
Formats such as infographics, creative diagrams and comics combine facts with experiential narratives that even help address and communicate conflictual topics. 

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