Handcrafted bowl found in Morocco, bowl set by Tom Dixon found in an outlet, plexiglass chairs that basically match everything found online, the tree for the cherrywood table was cut by my dad and I made the design, the carpet was a gift from my aunt after my uncle died.

I love the combination of functional objects that I find around the world - or that come to me as presents. They all come with a meaning and are recombined into something new. Pieces don't have to be expensive to be special, they should contain your story and be something that makes you happy when you have them around. 
THAT is interior design for me. 
It's NOT about "curating" rare and extremely expensive items - that's what museums do. 
This section is an invitation to look at my combinations and maybe get some inspiration for your own.

Kitchen ensemble

View on the cherrywood table is not obstructed by the plexiglass chairs - they always fit in nicely and add some geometry to the ensemble. The hand-knitted carpet holds it all together while adding warmth and some color. 

I balance the colorful elements by giving them order (books) and setting them within a black-white-metallic scene. Silver colored metal is the choice here with the legs of the chairs pairing nicely with the "Romeo and Juliet" lamp ensemble and the champagne cooler in the background. 

Random lineup

Obviously, I'm triggered by colors. I love combining objects with a color-relationship and different textures. This combination was not made to stay but it gives you an idea of combination possibilities:

Left to right: Tea box from my year in Paris, wine bottle (with content) present from friend, champagne bottle reminds me of Jeff Koons' art, vase found in Copenhagen, lamp "Romeo" before it was fixed to the ceiling.

Reading corner

The architecture of this space fascinated me, so I didn't want to break the spell by cluttering it with too many objects. For me, the rounded lamp enforces the otherwise straight lines.

Other than the white garderobiere in the background (to avoid a heavy closet and to help me minimize my wardrobe) I did not buy anything new, but moved all the objects from my old flat. 

Background: "Bigoud Party 3" by Nicolas Bets, photo framed by an "old master" in Würzburg, Germany. Vases are a gift from my sister.

Foreground: Sofa & blanket are Danish design. Carpet advertised for a children's room. Pillows designed & crafted by myself, up cycling materials. 

Old townhouse couloir 

This narrow hallway felt dark although it got light from several doors on two sides. With fresh rose paint the place was instantly brightened up so I dared to use some darker color at one end. 

My faux-gold plated canvas trio was originally supposed to be there only for Christmas time but I like the glow so much that I allowed it to stay year round. I also freed the chandelier from it's textile encasement to work out the contrasts between the romantic ornaments and the geometric construction. I love contrasts so my road bike was always welcome to give the place a less polished ambiance.

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