Adel & Link team offsite in the apple orchard

United Nations Office for Drugs & Crime - Intergenerational Retreat

For the biggest part of the day we are on autopilot. We revert to routines, habits, common patterns to deal with mountains of work and time pressure. We might like the idea of doing something differently - but we just don't have the mental, logistic or time-related capacity to do it.
Even outside of work we stick to routines because it's easier and we don't have to worry about the unknown. 
Yet in business and in private we can only grow when we experience something new. We need to be open towards outside triggers; embrace inspiration; be eager to see, think and act differently - to advance ourselves, our situation and our ecosystem.
We offer a range of inspiration formats - from individual sessions to team offsite activities to help you step out of routines, gain new perspectives and maybe get un-stuck from a topic that you don't really know how to tackle when on autopilot. 

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