We want to inspire beyond work, design responsibly and create beautifully.

We need inspiration to go beyond the ordinary and to break harmful patterns. This world with all its current challenges, that affect and threaten all life, its forms, variety, beauty needs us to go beyond the ordinary. When we are inspired we might become aware of harmful patterns and behaviors, we might get more empathetic towards everyone and everything natural that surrounds us.

Inspiration comes in so many different formats, shapes, sizes, moments. idc-studio wants to be a source of inspiration by offering visual keys that go beyond standard business routine.

Yet, inspiration is only the starting point. When we are inspired we should act. idc-studio wants to support this action by helping with responsible design and beautiful creations - where beauty is something that attracts because it is empathetic, helpful, useful and appealing in an organic way. Anything we as humans design has an impact on our earth, therefore we should do it responsibly and with a beautiful objective in mind. 

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